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Proustiennes  by Jean Frémon

Upcoming titles:


      by Jean Frémon, translated by Brian Evenson. Spring 2016


      A book-length interview of Keith Waldrop by Peter Gizzi. Fall 2016

Joan Darc

      ​by Nathalie Quintane, translated by Cynthia Hogue & Sylvain Gallais

See About

      by Sebastien Smirou, translated by Andrew Zawacki. Fall 2016

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Theory of Prepositions  by Claude Royet-Journoud               Wolftrot  by Marie Borel              Heliotropes  by Ryoko Sekiguchi            It  by Dominique Fourcade

Exchanges on Light  by Jacques Roubaud                The Whole of Poetry is Preposition  by Claude Royet-Journoud                Flirt Formula  by Anne Portugal

A Woman with Several Lives  by Jean Daive               Conditions of Light  by Emmanuel Hocquard               Night & Day  by Pierre Alferi

Present Participle  by Oscarine Bosquet              The L Notebook  by Sabine Macher             Seven String Quartets  by Frédéric Forte          Monospace  by Anne Parian

To the Secret  by Franck André Jamme